Miles for Smiles 

Starting in 2003 AKIM-Jerusalem has been holding an annual fundraising trek  to improve the quality of life of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Miles for Smiles is an opportunity for you to make new friends, challenge yourself both on and off the beautiful Israel National Trail and gain an insight into the lives of AKIM-Jerusalem’s beneficiaries. The trek is an annual declaration to them and their families that they do not walk alone – so many others truly care.

Each year some 50 people from Israel and overseas between the ages of 10 and 80 join the trek, coming from a variety of backgrounds but with a single objective: to give of themselves for a wonderful cause.

How does the trek work?

Each trekker must pay a non-refundable fee towards basic expenses and commit to raise through sponsorship and other means a specifed minimum amount.

Registration can be done online through this website or by contacting us directly.

The resource development team at AKIM- Jerusalem is available to assist  trekkers in meeting their target. Donations can be made online through this website. We will create a personal page with a link which can be sent to potential sponsors.

All donations on this website are tax- deductible only in Israel.

Why should YOU join AKIM-Jerusalem’s trek?

To make new friends
To walk the beautiful land of Israel
To help individuals with intellectual disabilities


AKIM-Jerusalem, an Israeli non-profit founded in 1951, has a wealth of experience in assisting individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. It was the first organization of this kind to establish independent and assisted community-based residential facilities.

Its mission is to develop, advance, and enhance the quality of life of Jerusalem’s intellectually challenged youth and adult population. AKIM-Jerusalem offers comprehensive leisure-time activities, vocational training and therapeutic and residential services to 160 residents and some 200 families in the community. Serving people of all ages, ethnicity and levels of functioning, the organization is run by professionals overseen by board made up of parents and public representatives.

AKIM-Jerusalem’s efforts are supported by the Israeli government and by friends like you. The governmental support covers the basics. You ensure that the beneficiaries of AKIM-Jerusalem gain so much more: increased therapeutic intervention and an altogether better quality of life.

With your help they can  reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams.